Your opinion is gold

Flagit is an app that pays you for your honest opinion.
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Make a difference with Flagit

  • Do you have just a minute of spare time, now and then?

    You can get prompted when there are tasks available for you. You can find ongoing tasks inside the app. You get payed for solving tasks.

  • Did you have a good or bad experience with a product or service, lately?

    You can send your constructive feedback or your observations to any particular company or organisation at any moment of time. Valuable feedback literally pays off.

  • Do you want to have fun earning a little bit on the side?

    You earn points while solving tasks. You can exchange points for money, goodies or you can donate them to charities.

  • Do you care to get good experience?

    By becoming a part of Flagit community you will be recognised as a person who cares to share an honest opinion.

Ready to try? Download Flagit app to get started.

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